Art Display Interactive Teaching System Solution


1. Solution Introduction

Retion Art Display Interactive Teaching System Solution provides a new, student-centered interactive teaching mode. For one thing, the teacher can present any student's painting process on the big screen to see how the student is learning. For another thing, by contrast teaching with other students or with other groups, students can interact and share ideas for solving problems. Furthermore, the system supports the recording of classroom videos and the generation of real-time teaching resources for students to watch and review after class.

2. Main Functions

2.1 Physical Display

The painting process of teachers can be displayed in real time, and students can also show their own learning process or group discussion results in their seats, highlighting all the details of composition, line, color transition and other creation.

2.2. Arbitrary Retrieval

The teacher can retrieve any student's painting process and comment on it through the big screen, and thus achieving the effect of explaining to the whole class.

2.3 Contrast Teaching

Teachers can compare the painting process or results of students on different screens, and ask students to share their painting ideas. By which students can learn from each other and master the painting skills faster.

2.4 Micro-lesson Recording

Before class, teachers can record micro-lessons of demonstrations and play them in different classes to avoid repetition. Real time teaching process or important courseware can be recorded in class and generate real-time teaching resources, so that students can review after class.

3. Advantages

3.1 No need for Internet

3.2 Widely compatible with the current multimedia classrooms

3.3 Convenient for teachers to show their presentation process, and also convenient for students to show their working results.

3.4 A2 format, wide shooting range, adjustable from any angle, details can be magnified, convenient clip design, easy to clip on the drawing board, to meet the needs of painting.

3.5 Realizing an student-centered interactive teaching mode. The students can easily present their learning process or work to the class, share their ideas or thoughts in the problem-solving process in their own seats, and improve student-to-student interaction.

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