See How This School in Inner Mongolia Easily Achieves a Fully Interactive Classroom!

Jun 11, 2020

Hangjinqi Experimental Primary School, located in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was founded in 1950 with a long history. It is the earliest and largest complete primary school in Hangjinqi, and it is also a national school for inheriting outstanding Chinese culture and art among primary and secondary schools. On June 11, 2020, Jetion full interactive classroom introduced into Hangjinqi Experimental Primary School, helping to create a new teaching mode of "group cooperative learning".

More than 40 teachers gathered together and actively participated in the training

In the training of fully interactive smart classroom, teachers felt the convenience of new technology for various subjects, and the new generation of group cooperative learning teaching mode has been unanimously recognized by teachers.

All kinds of quick and practical functions of the system, such as quick answer to the screen will energize each student to share their results, and classroom tests will convert the real-time paper questions into learning data, testing the students' knowledge and providing targeted explanations, etc. As well as multi-dimensional analysis through backstage big data after-class, efficiently assists teachers in teaching and reduces their teaching burden.

At the training site, teachers were freely grouped, simulating the class environment of group cooperation and interactive learning and practical teachingThe user-friendly design of the system is simple and easy to useteachers quickly mastered and engaged in the classroom.

Jetion fully interactive classroom provides technical possibilities and convenience for teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction and human-environment interaction in classroom teaching, without changing the traditional teaching and learning style and establishing a new mode of student-centered cooperative group learning.

It must be a beautiful "encounter" when the traditional classroom meets information technology. Expecting that in the future, Jetion fully interactive classroom will grow together with the teachers and students of Hangjinqi Experimental Primary School.

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