What does the Jetion 5G Wireless Recording and Broadcasting Training Room Look Like?

Jun 22, 2020

On January 24, 2019, State Council issued the Notice on the Implementation Plan of National Vocational Education Reform (GF [2019] No. 4), which put forward specific indicators: by 2022, the teaching conditions of vocational colleges will basically meet the standards; 300 high-level specialized industry-education integration training bases will be built with radiation and leadership; practical teaching hours in vocational colleges and universities will, in principle, account for more than half of the total number of hours, and the duration of internship is generally 6 months; "Double-qualified" teachers account for more than half of the total number of speciality teachers.

Vocational education continues to be an important strategy for improving the development of innovative talent.

Due to the influence of various subjective and objective factors such as teaching environment and faculty conditions, there remains many deficiencies in the current training education in China. The disadvantages of traditional training room teaching are as follows:

1. Onlooker teaching, teaching while watching, focusing on theory rather than practice

2. Repetitive demonstration process, inefficient and burdensome for teachers

3. Separation of theory and practice, low teaching effect

4. No teaching outcome resources to capture the learning situation of students

How to effectively informatize the training room? How to effectively improve the value of the training room and enhance the effectiveness of talent training?

What Has Been Changed by Jetion 5G Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting Training Rooms System?

1. Process demonstration, solving onlooker teaching

2. Detail recording, no more repeat demonstrations, improve efficiency

3. Multi-channel recording and accumulation of teaching resources

4. 5G transmission, ultra-clear picture quality with fast speed

5. Interactive teaching, improving the quality of training teaching

6. Wireless Deployment, helping the rapid coverage of the training base

System Advantages

5G Video TransmissionUsing 5G wireless video transmission, display and recording images is faster and smoother.

Simultaneous Recording of 8 to 48 Channels

Clearly record the operation process of students in each channel, support 8 to 48 channels of simultaneous recording.

Detailed Process Demonstration

Teachers can display the whole process of details to the big screen through the interactive terminal, and students can watch it in real time to solve the problem of onlooker teaching.

Multi-group Arbitrary Retrieval

Teachers can retrieve any student's live videto display on the screen, and students can comment and interact with each other.

Record Video Playback

Teacher's demonstration teaching video can be replayed for many times, so that students can understand and learn thoroughly. The teacher can also play back the operation video of each student, conduct lectures and reviews to reinforce the teaching effect.

System Features

Easy to Use System

No complex knowledge of computer operation is required, quick start of the system.

Rapid Installation and Deployment

No modification required, full wireless deployment, compatible with existing training classrooms.

Diversified Application Scenarios and Full Coverage of Subject Scenarios

According to different recorded training rooms on campus, all kinds of training courses can be taught at any time. Jetion Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting Training Rooms System meets the recording and teaching needs of different disciplines, and can realize the rapid construction of any discipline in 5 minutes.

STEM Competition

Clothing Design

Chef Carving

Music Classroom

Art Classroom

Calligraphy Classroom

Jetion 5G Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting Training Rooms combines "teaching, learning and training" closely, teaches students according to their aptitude, gives full play to the advantages of training talents, quickly upgrade the ordinary training room to a professional digital training room, and forge a training base to lead the demonstration benchmark.

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