How to Achieve the Desktop Recording of Each Student's Training in Details?

Jul 27, 2020

With the development and advancement of educational informatization, a wide range of recording and broadcasting systems have become increasingly popular among schools.

Traditional recording and broadcasting systems use four to five cameras to capture the panorama and close-up of teachers and students.

We can find that most of the recording and broadcasting systems on the market mainly focus on the teacher, and students only have a panoramic or face close-up shot, which cannot record the operation process of each student. In class, as long as one of the camera breaks down, the whole class has to be re-recorded.

For practical training operation, more attention is paid to each student's operation process steps, rather than a large scene of the whole class. So how to realize the recording and broadcasting of desktop details from the first perspective of each student in the classroom? How to achieve one click recording playback?

Retion Wireless Interactive Visualizer Full Recording and Broadcasting System breaks the traditional recording and broadcasting mode, using advanced 5G wireless video networking technology to ensure smooth and stable recording, which can be applied to various skills operation practical training classes.


5G Wireless Recording and Broadcasting Interactive Classroom

Not only can USB Document Camera realize the daily interactive classroom, carry out the normalized interactive teaching, but also can instantly turn into a recording and broadcasting classroom, and record the process of practical training operation.

With the teacher’s terminal, the whole operation teaching process can be recorded and displayed in real time.

During the teaching process, the teacher can retrieve any student's practical operation process and show to the whole class and comment in real time.


Record the Training Process of Each Student

Teachers can also record each student's training and exercise process with one click, and each student’s video will be stored separately in an independent file.

During the classroom discussion stage, the teacher can retrieve and playback each student's operation videos on site. Basing on the video, the teacher can realize retrospective discussion and summary evaluation, implement targeted teaching and improve the efficiency of training.


Simple and Portable

The solution is mainly composed of Wireless Full Recording and Broadcasting System for training room, video server and wireless interactive terminal, without recording and broadcasting host, which is simple, portable and fast to install.

With the encouragement of national policies and the demand of school teachers for self-improvement, the market of training recording and broadcasting will still be promising in the next three years.

New products with new opportunities, Jetion 5G Wireless Training Full Recording and Broadcasting System Solution is not to be missed. Welcome to inquire!

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